Dial-a-Poem 2.0 2.0 is an homage to and adaptation of poet John Giorno’s 1960s/70s work Dial-a-Poem, in which you could call a phone line and any one of a selection of recorded poems and music would be played for you. The late ‘60s were their own historic era of social upheaval and transformation; now, we are in the midst of another.

We, the Anonymous Aardvark Collective, are developing our own phone service—this time for our communities grieving the pain of isolation, loss, and distance. The idea behind Dial-a-Poem 2.0 2.0 is pretty simple: you dial a number, and a recorded voice shares a moment of art with you.

In a twist on Giorno's model, our readers have selected pieces they didn't author, but are dear to them in other ways.

Dial: 818-532-5242. Readers are standing by.

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